DEC placing buoys for fish survey

last update: July 25, 2019

In the fall of 2018 99,000 cisco fingerlings were stocked by the DEC at the Keuka Lake State Park as part of the effort to restore the baitfish population and offset the decline in alewives. They were assisted by the US Geological Survey and Cornell who are interested in how our situation may relate to the Great Lakes. Without them, the numbers stocked would have been significantly less.
The good news is appears that we are moving in a good direction, and during the week of June 17 the DEC released another 1200+/- yearling cisco into Keuka. These fish are much larger (4-7”) and should be able to avoid predation much better than last year’s fall fingerlings. Several of these fish were also tagged with acoustic transmitters enabling us to also track their movements and hopefully pinpoint some spawning locations as early as next year.
The DEC also spent 5 nights electrofishing along the shoreline the weeks of June 3 and 10. They saw very few baitfish, what they did see were spottail shiners, banded killifish, and a few darters but did not notice any schools of small fish swimming around as has been reported by some anglers. However these could be perch fry because adult perch were quite abundant in the DEC survey. The smallmouth bass population appeared to be abundant and in excellent condition and there were a few fat largemouth bass scattered about.
The DEC is set to do a lake trout survey in July and forage fish survey in September. This should provide good information about the current situation for Keuka Lake. Additionally, in cooperation with USGS they will continue to monitor movements of tagged cisco in the lake. Finally, things are looking good for another stocking of cisco fingerlings in the fall and the DEC are hoping they can continue stocking cisco for another 5-6 years, if not more. 

To Preserve and Protect Keuka Lake