Keuka Lake Level - 2021 (mobile version)

Lake level readings are obtained from the recording device installed at the Penn Yan Water Treatment Plant, the readings (and this page) are automatically updated every two hours.

The lake has never been this high (or low) before... really?  view Historical Levels

Latest Reading: 714.02 ft. (updated: 9:00 pm Oct 23, 2021)

Gate 1: Open 5 inches
Gate 2: Open Full
Gate 3: Closed
Gate 4: Open Full
Gate 5: Open Full
Gate 6: Closed

Total Discharge: 595.60 CFS

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Lake levels below reflect the last reading of each day.
how is total discharge calculated

Useful Information

  • Mean High Water Level – 715.3'
    Official value which was defined many years ago from historical high water measurements and is referred to as the National Tidal Datum Epoch. This is a key point for all lake shore property owners which defines boundaries.
  • New gates were completed in November of 1993
  • Top of dam: 716.04'
  • 100 Year Flood Level - 720.8'
    Flood level that has a 1% chance of occurring each year, used by most Federal and State agencies, including FEMA, for flood plain management and the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Miniumum Outflow
    Minimum allowed water outflow is 20 cubic feet per second (CFS), to allow adequate Penn Yan wastewater treatment plant discharge dilution.
  • Normal Maximum Outflow
    Normal maximum allowed water outflow is limited to 1,000 cubic feet per second (CFS), to minimize any potential downstream damage. Exceeding this amount should only happen during high water emergency periods, requiring KLOC to declare Condition B, which is a non-failure emergency condition.
  • For more details on outflow read how total discharge is calculated.
  • All lake level values are shown in feet above sea level per NGVD29 datum.
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