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The KLA Is dedicated to protect the water quality of Keuka Lake. We need everyone's help in this mission,

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Healthy Lawn Webinar - May 14, 2020
Watch via  Cornell's Turf Grass  videos on You Tube:The Cornell Turfgrass Program also has a great Youtube channel featuring many other videos. You can check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHPXm2Es8aQBESXdpxPozrRV4WGVGfVN0.

KLA Featured in FLT 12/1/19
KLA featured in FLT on December 1, 2019. Board Member, Scott Drake agree to represent the KLA.

Preventing and Reporting Oil and Chemical spills on Keuka Lake
On July 15 there was an incident where a piece of equipment on a barge being used to construct a dock ruptured a hose and leaked a small amount of hydraulic oil into the lake. This was properly reported to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and they notified the Sheriff’s marine patrol, the fire department and the Dresden Spill Response team for assistance.
This incident provides an opportunity to review the correct way to report oil and chemical spills from watercraft or shore side equipment. Quoting from the NYS Safe Boating Course manual “NYS Navigation Law prohibits the discharge of oil in NYS waterways. If your boat spills oil, no matter how small the spill, contact the NYS DEC within 2 hours of the oil spill at 800 457 7362” (note that if you are on a federal water such as Lake Ontario, you need to notify the US Coast Guard oil spill hotline at 800 425 8802).
Obviously, the preferred course of action is to prevent spills in the first place but recognize that most boat bilges will collect some oily water from engine or transmission drips or spills that happen in the course of maintenance. If your bilge pump comes on or you drain your bilge after retrieving your boat on a trailer, this water will contain enough oil to make a visible sheen and that qualifies as a spill.
The easiest way to prevent this is to place an oil absorbent pad in the bilge or inside the bottom of an outboard engine case, these pads absorb the oil from the water which can then be pumped or drained out. A package of five 15” x 19” absorbent pads sells for less than $10 and can also be used to absorb any gasoline or diesel fuel that may leak from a tank vent while refueling.
You are not allowed to put other chemicals or detergents into the water to dissipate a sheen caused by things such as a weeping hydraulic trim cylinder on an outboard or stern drive. However you are allowed to use the absorbent pads to mitigate a sheen on the water that may be caused by oil or fuel leaking from a boat but this does not relieve you of the obligation to notify the DEC for a noticeable spill.

State of the Lake Talk 2019

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State of the Lake Talk 2018

2018 Water Quality Summit - Finger Lakes Institute : Keuka Lake
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2018 Water Quality Summit - Current State & Threats
State of the Lake--Keuka Lake History, Current State and What We Don't Know (Threats)

2018 Water Quality Summit - New Lake Monitoring Projects
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2018 Water Quality Summit - NYS DEC Vision & Approach
NYS DEC Vision & Approach - 9 Element Plan

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State of the Lake Talk 2017

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Corn Gluten as fertilizer

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State of the Lake - Dr. Tim Sellers

DEC Encourages Homeowners to Practice Sustainable Lawn Care to Protect State Wat
DEC Encourages Homeowners to Practice Sustainable Lawn Care to Protect State Waterbodies
DEC launches "Look for the Zero" campaign to urge homeowners to purchase phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer

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Stormwater Management

Lake Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Supply

Lake Foam

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