This section contains information pertaining to the Keuka lake Watershed regarding laws & regulations.

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NYS Bowfishing Related Laws

In 2009, New York State enacted a regulation to prevent this accidental and often long-distance spread by limiting the transportation of firewood. The regulation pertains to all species of wood, cut or not cut, split or not split, destined for use as fuel. Logs are subject to the regulation if their intended use is as firewood. The regulation states that:

Untreated firewood may not be imported into NY from any other state or country.
Untreated firewood grown in NY may not be transported more than 50 miles (linear distance) from its source or origin unless it has been heat-treated to 71 degrees Celsius (160 degrees Fahrenheit) for 75 minutes.
"Origin" is where the wood was grown.
"Source" is for producers of firewood to help account for wood from different origins that may become co-mingled as the firewood is processed. Producers must maintain records of where they acquire the wood from and ensure the origins are within 50 miles of the source, which is usually the address of their business.
When transporting firewood, the following documentation is required:
If transporting untreated firewood cut for personal use (i.e. not for sale), fill out a Self-Issued Certificate of Origin (PDF).
If purchasing and transporting untreated firewood, it must have a receipt or label that identifies the firewood source. Consumers need to use the source to determine how far the firewood may be transported.
If purchasing and transporting heat-treated firewood, it must have a receipt or label that says, "New York Approved Heat-Treated Firewood/Pest Free." This is the producers' declaration that the firewood meets NY's heat-treatment requirements. Not all "kiln-drying" processes meet this standard, so it is important to look for the appropriate label. Heat-treated firewood may be moved unrestricted.
For more information on the firewood regulation, visit our website. Contact DEC at or call toll-free at 1-866-640-0652 with questions about the regulation.

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