Keuka Lake Outlet - Special Release

The purpose of this policy is to improve the scheduling and communication of special events on the outlet, to minimize risk and to help avoid conflicts of uses while maintaining the primary goal of flood protection and public safety.

At the KLOC Commissioners meeting on June 27, 2011, a revised policy governing the cost sharing of opening and closing the gates for special events was reviewed. The revised policy was approved and went into effect on August 22, 2011. The revised policy states that any outside entity requesting operation of the gates for recreational or other non-flood control purposes will be afforded the first request in a calendar year free of charge. Any additional requests during that same calendar year by the same entity will be billed for the actual time and material charges of the gate operators with the minimum charge being $100.00.

In order to minimize erosion along the outlet and to provide a safer environment for those that use the outlet, KLOC had previously adopted the procedure of staggering the opening of multiple gates.

When evaluating a request to open or close the outlet gates for a special event, the KLOC Gate Manager will consider the amount of potential water discharge and the impact on current or expected lake levels. Scheduled releases or changes to gate settings will be considered if the projected lake level at the time of the event is within the upper control limit and the lower control limit of the lake level guide curve. During periods of high water level which exceed or are expected to exceed the upper control limit of the guide curve and where the gates settings and water discharges are being used to control flooding potential on Keuka Lake according to the Reservoir Regulation Manual, requests to reduce water releases for a Special Event will not be allowed. 

In their discussion, the KLOC Commissioners recognize that many groups have an interest in Special Events water releases or reduced flows in the Keuka Lake Outlet and these Special Events have a positive impact on the local economy. However, in the past, some of these events had been held without public notification or requirements for liability insurance.

Groups interested in requesting a special event release or reduced flow will be required to fill out and submit a request to the KLOC Gate Manager at least two weeks prior to the event. The request should include a certificate of insurance naming the Village of Penn Yan, KLOC and the Friends of the Outlet as insured and with a minimum coverage of $1 million dollars. In the case where the gate setting changes will result in a reduction of the flow in the outlet, such as trout stocking, this insurance requirement may be waived. The advanced notice will allow time for scheduling and public notification in the local media and on the Keuka Lake Association's web site. Approved events will be posted on the bottom of the Keuka Lake Level Guide that is published in several local newspapers as well as on the Keuka Lake Association web site at:

This policy affords better communication between KLOC, interested parties and the public who may be using the Keuka Lake Outlet during Special Events. However, the public needs to be aware that unscheduled water releases by the Gate Manager for normal flood water level control or gate maintenance will cause the outlet levels to rise rapidly and without warning or notice. Recreationalists need to be aware of this situation and respond accordingly.

Groups interested in obtaining a request form should contact the: 

KLOC Manager's Office 
The Village of Penn Yan
111 Elm Street
Penn Yan, NY 14527 

To view the approved KLOC Policy, please read

To Preserve and Protect Keuka Lake