Starry Stonewort Control - 2021


Hydrofracking Introduction

KLA 2013 Annual Meeting Presentation - Hydrofracking

KLA Newsletter - June 2013

KLA Newsletter - June 2014

KLA Newsletter - Mar 2013

KLA Newsletter - Mar 2014

KLA Newsletter - September 2013

Letter from DEC Comm. 2-14

Letter from DEC Dep Comm. 7-13

Letter to Lt. Governor, Jan. 3, 2013

Summary of Tim Acomb's Presentation 9-10-14

Invasive Species

Invasive Species Introduction

Emerald Ash Borer

Exotic Fish Disease Found in New York Lakes

HAB Reporting info 1

HAB Reporting info 2

HAB Reporting info 3

Invasive Species Overview

New Invasive: Spotted Lantern Fly

Starry Stonewort Control - 2021

Starry Stonewort Information 2021

Water Chestnuts

Keuka Lake Book

Keuka Lake Book Introduction

10 Things You Can Do To Protect Keuka Lake

Drainage and Runoff

Household Chemicals


Keuka Lake Story

Land Protection in the Fingerlakes

Landscaping and Gardening


Septic Systems

Shoreline Development

Sustainable Lawn and Garden Management

Water Supply

Water Testing and Treatment

Keuka Watershed Improvment Cooperative

Keuka Watershed Improvment Cooperative Introduction

Individual Wastewater Treatment Systems - Inspection Categories

Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative - A KWIC History

Local Watershed Inspectors

Septic Systems: How They Work?

What is KWIC?


Laws/Regulations Introduction

Boating Regulations for Keuka Lake 2021

Buoy Placement

Docking and Mooring


Fishing Regulations 2021

Flood Insurance Reforms

Keuka Lake Outlet - Special Release

Navigation Law Amendments

NYS Bowfishing Related Laws

NYS Drinking Water Program

NYS Open Burning Regulations

NYS Phosphorus Lawn Fertlizer Use

Voting & Dual Residency


Maps Introduction

Keuka Lake Regional Map

Keuka Lake Watershed Municipalities

Keuka Lake Watershed Tributaries

Keuka Map

Lake Depth

Navigation & Recreation

Navigation & Recreation Introduction

5.200 Program

Angler's Diary Report 2019

Boater Safety Courses - General Info

BoatUS Float Plan

Chinese Flying Lantern Info

Cisco -Bait Fish Research Tracking - DEC

Help Keep Fishing Great - Keep an Angler's Diary!

NYS Required Equipment for a Motorboat

PFD Laws of New York

Prevent the Spread of Aquatic Species

Reminder - Fire Safety Afloat

Sky Lanterns


Scholarship Introduction

2008 Scholarship Winners

2010 Scholarship Winners

2011 Scholarship Winners

2012 Scholarship Winners

2013 Scholarship Winners

2014 Scholarship Winner

2015 Scholarship Winners

2016 Scholarship Winners

2017 Scholarship Winners

2018 Scholarship Winners

Alexander F. & Esther N. Wahlig Keuka Lake Watershed Scholarship

Water Quality

Water Quality Introduction

2018 Water Quality Summit - Current State & Threats

2018 Water Quality Summit - Finger Lakes Institute : Keuka Lake

2018 Water Quality Summit - New Lake Monitoring Projects

2018 Water Quality Summit - NYS DEC Vision & Approach

Alga Blooms Part 2

Algae Blooms 2017 Part 1

Corn Gluten Meal

DEC Encourages Homeowners to Practice Sustainable Lawn Care to Protect State Wat

DOH Fact Sheet on HABs & Drinking Water

Healthy Lawn Webinar - May 14, 2020

KLA Featured in FLT 12/1/19

Lake Foam

Lake Monitoring

Preventing and Reporting Oil and Chemical spills on Keuka Lake

PSA by KLOC - Water Quality

Spring Cleaning and the Lake

State of the Lake 2013-4

State of the Lake 2014-15

State of the Lake 2019

State of the Lake 2020

State of the Lake Talk 2017

State of the Lake Talk 2018

State of the Lake Talk 2019

Stormwater Management

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Supply


Watershed Introduction

Good Time for Lawn Weed Control

Keuka Lake Looking Ahead - A Community Listens to the Lake

Keuka Lake Water Level Management

Keuka Lake Watershed Protection Plan ('96) - Findings & Recommendations

Keuka Lake Watershed Protection Plan ('96) - Introduction

Keuka Lake Watershed Protection Plan ('96) - Watershed Description

Keuka Lake Watershed Protection Plan ('96) - Watershed Management Plan

KWIC-KLOC Minutes 9-27-21

Lake Level & Ice - Winter 2014

Lake Level & Ice FAQs - April 2014

Land Use Action Plan - 2009

Preserve Agriculture

Preserving Viewsheds

Seneca-Keuka Watershed Partnership announces progress in watershed plan

Smart Growth

Steep Slopes

Sustainable Building

Water Quality

Watershed Description

Watershed Management

What is a Watershed?

Wildlife & Nature

Wildlife & Nature Introduction

Acorns and Critters

Aquatic Vegetation


Bird Feeding



Christmas Birds


Critterizing your Cottage

Dead and Down (Standing, too)


Deer Hunting

Development & the Keuka Lake Watershed Part I

Feeding Ducks & Geese

Fish Hawks

Forest Wildflowers FAQs

Get Ready for Spring

Grass II



Keuka's Turtles

Old Growth Forest




Rats, Mice, and Chipmunks

Return of the Ghost Cats

RIP Critters

Sea Gulls





Solving the Gull Problem


The Bee-Buster

The Coyote

The Not So Silent Spring

The Zoo

Tips for Snowbirds and Hibernators

Top Predators of the Keuka Lake Watershed

Watershed & Development & Wildlife Part IV

Watershed Development & Wildlife Part II

Watershed Development & Wildlife Part III

Whack the Weeds

What is Killing the Bats?

Whither the Smelt

Who Dat

Wildlife Mishaps

Winter "Temps"

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KWIC-KLOC Minutes 9-22-21

Spotted Lanternfly Webinar - 10/6

Swimmer struck - Sheriffs looking for info

A Nine-Element plan - subj of 3 sessions

Caring for Your Trees After a Caterpillar Outbreak

2021 Gypsy Moth Outbreak

NYS Rules for Buoys & Other Objects in lake

Buy Firewood where you burn it!!!

Harmful Algal Bloom Notifications

HAB Info and Reporting

Are there HAB's near my lake address?

Keuka Lake Harmful Algal Bloom Map

Protect you Pets from toxic algae

DEC recommends "0" Lawn Fertilizer

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