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The Alexander F. & Esther N, Wahlig Keuka Lake Watershed Scholarship

The goal of this scholarship, sponsored by the Keuka Lake Association, is to assist a graduating senior high school student who is planning to enroll in a four year program (may include a two year college with plans to transfer to a four year institution) and who is planning on pursuing a career in general environmental sciences or limnology or water quality/watershed management.

Eligible applicants include senior students graduating from high schools in the Keuka Lake Watershed, including Haverling Central School, Dundee Central School, Penn Yan Academy, Prattsburg Central School, Hammondsport Central School or senior students whose parents are Keuka Lake Association members.

The one-time $1000 scholarship will be awarded in one installment upon satisfactory completion of the first semester and submission of a transcript sent to the Keuka Lake Association office for review by the committee.
The selection committee is composed of five members appointed by the Keuka Lake Association and will meet in April of the student's graduating year. The committee must receive application forms by April fifteenth of the graduating year. By June first the committee will send the selected recipient a letter and forward a copy to the guidance department of the appropriate school.

Students should submit an application for the scholarship to:
Keuka Lake Association
P. O. Box 35
Penn Yan, NY 14527

The application must include a letter of recommendation from one of the applicants teachers and a 250 to 300 word essay describing the students interest in his or her selected field of study and how the student plans to apply that knowledge either in a future career or for enriching his/her appreciation in the environmental sciences or water quality/watershed management.

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Founded in 1956, the Keuka Lake Association, with over 1700 members, provides a unified voice for those who love Keuka Lake. Our mission is to preserve and protect Keuka Lake and its natural beauty for future generations.