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Keuka Lake Association


One of the stated missions of the Keuka Lake Association has been to "Listen to the Lake' and respond with programs to protect, preserve and enhance all of the values and qualities of Keuka Lake and its watershed. To this end the people and the communities within the watershed recognized the need for a comprehensive management plan. 

This Watershed Management Plan is the dedicated effort of many through the application of science, technology and education and through wonderful public cooperation and participation in meeting our mission objective. With this plan as the platform, we can now move forward and take on the challenges of the future. Much has already been invested in this project, but now we must sustain the opportunity for future generations. In so doing we will be able to confirm the significance of the treasure we know as Keuka Lake. We are deeply grateful for the contributions so many have made to bring this monumental effort to fruition. Their investment of personal time and resources will have a lasting impact on the well being of our lake community. 

Let us all "Listen to Keuka Lake and rejoice in memories of the past. Listen to Keuka Lake and there is promise for the future."

Keuka Lake - Tree


Founded in 1956, the Keuka Lake Association, with over 1700 members, provides a unified voice for those who love Keuka Lake. Our mission is to preserve and protect Keuka Lake and its natural beauty for future generations.